When You Need a Little Help: What Does a Ventilator Do?

what does a ventilator do

There is nothing quite as frightening as losing your ability to breathe effectively. Whether you are experiencing breathing problems due to an illness, accident or chronic condition, panic sets in quickly as the body attempts to take in enough oxygen to survive. Fortunately, hospitals and medical centers worldwide have access to the technology they need to make breathing a little … Read More

A (Very) Short Guide to Respiration


We do something 17,000 to 30,000 times every day without ever really thinking about it. No, it’s not checking our phones, it’s respiration or breathing. This basic biological process is a complex interplay of systems within our bodies, but we rarely give it a second thought unless we are ill, in an accident, or exercising. So, what exactly is respiration? … Read More

Do You Need an Automatic Transport Ventilator? Take this Quiz to Find Out

automatic transport ventilator

With the frequency of sudden cardiac arrest, the presence of automated external defibrillators in public spaces is on the rise. It seems as though everywhere you look, there is an AED on the wall of every school, gym, airport, and city office building with more and more stores and restaurants following suit. But, did you know that the AED is … Read More

Breathing Machine 101

breathing machine

There is nothing more frustrating than having a medical emergency and not knowing to what equipment you or a loved one are attached. This is especially frustrating given the misconceptions that surround some equipment commonly used in a hospital. For instance… What is the breathing machine called? In a hospital, there are two ways doctors help a patient to breathe. … Read More

Transport Ventilators Comparison

transport ventilator ambulance

One of the most important pieces of equipment for transport is the ventilator. Designed for patient use during movement from one location to another, transport ventilators come with a variety of features and specifications that meet the demands placed on them. Transport Ventilator Specifications While all transport ventilators are designed to be lightweight and portable, several specifications are particular to … Read More

Breathing is Basic… Until it Isn’t

breathing from a ventilator

The average person takes more than 26,000 breaths per day. A function so natural that we take it for granted most of the time breathing is vital to the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Yet when breath fails a patient, basic life-saving techniques teach that airway, breathing, and circulation is among the first points of interest to rescuers. Known … Read More