Is It Safe to Purchase a Refurbished ECG/EKG Machine?

safe refurbished ecg ekg machine

From computers to cell phones, refurbished electronics are available everywhere. Yet few people think to purchase a refurbished ECG/EKG machine. At significant cost savings, the most important question people ask is, “Is it safe?”

Where do refurbished ECG/EKG machines come from?

It is common to assume that a refurbished machine is one that has had a problem. This is not always the case. In most instances, refurbished machines have been used for a short period of time and traded as a part of a hospital’s equipment management program. Many medical equipment companies lease ECG/EKG machines to hospitals with the promise that they will be upgraded with the next feature or in a short period of time, usually six months to one year. At that point, the used ECG/EKG machine is nearly new, but cannot be resold as a new machine. It is then put through a process to ensure it is safe and effective and then resold as a refurbished model.

Mortara ELI 150 Rx - Refurbished

Foremost Medical Equipment offers refurbished ECG / CKGs – Such as this model from Mortara

Refurbished Machines are Thoroughly Inspected

In every case, the ECG/EKG machine is thoroughly inspected to ensure that there are no cracks or missing pieces from the housing. A certified technician then completes any manufacturer’s internal self-tests, replaces the internal memory and main battery, if applicable. Electrical tests recommended by the original manufacturer are then completed including thermal print head resistance, paper speed calibration, and power supply testing. The ECG/EKG cables are then checked for cuts in any insulation along with kinked, bent or broken wires or pins. The unit’s cables are cleaned and then retested. In the case of 12 lead ECG’s, printouts are tested, and the interpretation of results are checked to ensure the results are valid. The unit is then calibrated, if necessary.

refurbished ecg ekg inspected

Foremost Medical Equipment ensures all refurbished equipment is thoroughly inspected

Every refurbished ECG/EKG machine includes new clips, sensors, and paper along with a printed or CD operator’s manual. Additional disposable materials are available for purchase at most medical equipment outlets or online.

Optional Warranties are Available

Refurbished ECG/EKG’s arrive calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. Yet in most cases, purchasing a refurbished model voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Fortunately, additional warranties covering parts and labor for one year after purchase are available. These additional guarantees provide a piece of mind to those who need the functionality of an ECG/EKG but do not have the budget to purchase a new model. Should anything go wrong, the machine can be returned to Foremost Medical for repair or replacement.

Thoroughly inspected, tested for quality, calibrated and backed by an optional warranty, refurbished equipment provides all of the functionality at a fraction of the cost. For offices, clinics and smaller hospitals who lack the budget for new equipment, refurbished options allow more people to receive high-quality health care regardless of their proximity to larger medical centers. For more information about refurbished ECG/EKG machines or to discuss how Foremost Medical Equipment can help you meet your health care equipment needs, contact us for a customized quote.