Breathing is Basic… Until it Isn’t

breathing from a ventilator

The average person takes more than 26,000 breaths per day. A function so natural that we take it for granted most of the time breathing is vital to the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Yet when breath fails a patient, basic life-saving techniques teach that airway, breathing, and circulation is among the first points of interest to rescuers. Known … Read More

Can You Use a Defibrillator on Someone With a Pacemaker?

defibrillator and pacemaker

It is no secret that the quick action of bystanders can save the life of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. The combination of CPR and a shock from an AED can effectively raise the survival rate of such an incident from 10 percent to 40 percent. But what if a person is fitted with a pacemaker? Can a defibrillator … Read More

Why Do They Say “Clear” Before Using a Defibrillator?

clear defibrillator

Anyone who has watched a medical drama has seen desperate but handsome doctors tending to a person in cardiac arrest yell, “Clear,” before administering a jolt of electricity to the patient’s lifeless body. Although using an AED in real life is more dramatic, but less staged, there are three reasons why doctors and rescuers yell, “Clear” before using a defibrillator. … Read More

How You Can Save a Life with CPR and an AED

cpr aed save lives

The average human heart beats more than 42 million times every year. Every human function from breath to thought relies on the heart beating the way it should. When it suddenly stops, every minute that passes without proper blood flow to the brain reduces the likelihood of survival by 10 percent. In 2013 the EMS response time in Washington DC … Read More

Can an AED be Used on an Infant?

infant aed

There are few more heartbreaking scenes than watching a child in physical trouble without being able to help them. Devastating at any age, it is especially difficult when the child is very young. Although rare, there are instances where children experience cardiac arrest and would require life-saving intervention. The question then becomes, is it safe to use an AED on … Read More

Expect the Unexpected: 3 Reasons to Have an AED in the Workplace

employees ready for medical emergency with aeds

Over the last decade, the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has appeared in schools, stores, airports, and medical centers across the country. Based on the idea that the majority of sudden cardiac arrest is denoted by a condition called ventricular fibrillation, these machines are designed to administer a targeted electrical shock to the heart to help it regain its normal rhythm. … Read More

Defibrillator FAQs: A Comprehensive Guide

defibrillator faqs

Every medical drama on television seems to have a scene where a handsome but frantic doctor calls out, “Charge to 300! Clear,” before forcing a jolt of electricity into a seemingly lifeless body. In reality, this scene plays out in hospitals across the country as real-life physicians use a device called a defibrillator to save the life of a person … Read More

What is the Difference Between an AED and a Defibrillator?

aed defibrillator difference

In the event of a cardiac emergency, no one wonders about the difference between an AED and a defibrillator. Both devices are used with a person is experiencing a serious heart problem called ventricular fibrillation, or when the heart stops beating, and the lower chambers begin to quiver. Both an AED and a defibrillator administer a targeted electrical shock to … Read More

Preventing Shopping Disasters: Why Every Retail Store Should Have an AED

shopping center aed

Standing in the checkout line at a grocery store. Trying on this season’s hottest new trend. Browsing for pet food. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone. With heart disease accounting for one out of every four deaths in the US and sudden cardiac arrest occurring in more than 325,000 people every year, the likelihood that … Read More

What Exactly IS an Autoclave Sterilizer?

what is an autoclave sterilizer

Medical equipment companies bat about the term “autoclave sterilizer” with the expectation that everyone knows what they are talking about. In reality, this vital piece of infection control equipment remains a mystery to many medical professionals and laypeople across the country. Humble Beginnings The origin of the autoclave sterilizer dates back to 1679 when French physicist Denis Papin invented a … Read More