Transport Ventilators Comparison

transport ventilator ambulance

One of the most important pieces of equipment for transport is the ventilator. Designed for patient use during movement from one location to another, transport ventilators come with a variety of features and specifications that meet the demands placed on them. Transport Ventilator Specifications While all transport ventilators are designed to be lightweight and portable, several specifications are particular to … Read More

AED Reviews

aed reviews

Since their invention, Automated External Defibrillators (AED’S) have been popping up everywhere from airports to sporting arenas. These automated devices treat a condition known as ventricular defibrillation, one of the leading causes of sudden cardiac arrest. Yet when it comes to selecting an AED, many people are left scratching their head, wondering what to look for. Download our AED Reviews … Read More

ECG Simulator: Practice Makes Perfect

ecg simulator practice

One of the reasons why the medical profession is both challenging and exciting is that standards, practices, equipment, and possibilities keep changing. For those working with patients who experience cardiac arrest or another arrhythmia, training becomes vital to maintaining the skills necessary to save lives. Enter the EKG or ECG simulator. What is the difference between an EKG or ECG? … Read More

Choosing Portable Ventilators for Home Use

difficulty breathing portable ventilator

Take a deep breath. Chances are, you were able to do so without too much difficulty. You likely didn’t realize just how shallow your breathing had been until you allowed the room’s oxygen-rich air into your nose and mouth, passed the larynx and trachea and into your lungs. If you breathed in deep enough, you likely expelled the carbon dioxide … Read More

Pencils, Books, and an AED: Why it’s Crucial to Have an AED in a School

important to have an aed in school

Many people associate sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) with an older demographic. While it is true that SCA is the primary cause of death in adults, it is a rare occurrence in young people accounting for only 6,000 to 8,000 deaths a year. However, news stories of young athletes who collapse in the middle of a field of play dominate news … Read More

Semi-Automatic and Automatic AEDs: What’s the Difference?

semi automatic fully automatic aeds difference

The popularity of Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) in airports, schools, sports arenas, office buildings, and retail stores means that people who experience sudden cardiac arrest have a better chance of survival than ever before. Yet there are some key differences in the types of AED’s available where people gather that may prove to be important in the event of an … Read More

Is It Safe to Purchase a Refurbished ECG/EKG Machine?

safe refurbished ecg ekg machine

From computers to cell phones, refurbished electronics are available everywhere. Yet few people think to purchase a refurbished ECG/EKG machine. At significant cost savings, the most important question people ask is, “Is it safe?” Where do refurbished ECG/EKG machines come from? It is common to assume that a refurbished machine is one that has had a problem. This is not … Read More

ECG and EKG: The Difference May Surprise You

ecg ekg difference

Acronyms are so common in the medical field that entire semesters in medically-related professional training are devoted to terminology. From AAS to ZEEP, few acronyms cause more confusion than ECG and EKG. Yet their difference may surprise you. What is the difference between an ECG and EKG? Absolutely nothing. That’s right. ECG and EKG actually stand for the same word … Read More

Breathing is Basic… Until it Isn’t

breathing from a ventilator

The average person takes more than 26,000 breaths per day. A function so natural that we take it for granted most of the time breathing is vital to the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Yet when breath fails a patient, basic life-saving techniques teach that airway, breathing, and circulation is among the first points of interest to rescuers. Known … Read More

Can You Use a Defibrillator on Someone With a Pacemaker?

defibrillator and pacemaker

It is no secret that the quick action of bystanders can save the life of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. The combination of CPR and a shock from an AED can effectively raise the survival rate of such an incident from 10 percent to 40 percent. But what if a person is fitted with a pacemaker? Can a defibrillator … Read More