What You Need to Know About Arrhythmia


As miraculous as the heart is, the stress of beating, on average, 80 times per minute, 4,800 times an hour, 115,200 times per day can take its toll. This is especially true of a heart that is stressed by a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, illness, or chemical imbalance in the body. What is Arrhythmia? Arrhythmia is any irregularity in the … Read More

Must-Have Equipment for an EKG/ECG Test

ekg test

Having the ability to perform an EKG/ECG test in a physician’s office not only allows them to bill for the procedure, but it also prevents a loss of time in the diagnostic shuffle of referrals, reading and reporting results. Once you decide to perform in-house EKG’s, what equipment do you need to get the job done? 1. An EKG machine … Read More

Atrial Fibrillation and You: What You Need to Know

atrial fibrillation

To poets and artists, the heart is the symbol of love. In fact, often people describe meeting their soul mate and having their heart “skip a beat.” To those in the medical community, the heart is a symbol of mechanical and electrical synergy, the center of life itself. When it “skips a beat,” there is a reason for concern. In … Read More

A Brief Look at Neonatal 12 Lead ECG Placement

12 lead ecg

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is arguably one of the greatest advancements in 20th-century medicine. With the ability to see how a heart beats in an instant, the ECG has saved countless lives in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and hospitals around the world. What we don’t often consider is the skill it takes to use a modern marvel like the ECG, especially … Read More

3 Signs Your ECG Leads May Be Misplaced

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Electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the fastest and safest ways out there to evaluate the heart’s ability to contract and move blood. Sticky electrodes are placed on the skin in specific places to measure the heart’s rhythm. These patches are then connected to wires called leads which reads the heart’s electrical impulses and sends that information to the ECG/EKG. (The … Read More

ECG Simulator: Practice Makes Perfect

ecg simulator practice

One of the reasons why the medical profession is both challenging and exciting is that standards, practices, equipment, and possibilities keep changing. For those working with patients who experience cardiac arrest or another arrhythmia, training becomes vital to maintaining the skills necessary to save lives. Enter the EKG or ECG simulator. What is the difference between an EKG or ECG? … Read More

Is It Safe to Purchase a Refurbished ECG/EKG Machine?

safe refurbished ecg ekg machine

From computers to cell phones, refurbished electronics are available everywhere. Yet few people think to purchase a refurbished ECG/EKG machine. At significant cost savings, the most important question people ask is, “Is it safe?” Where do refurbished ECG/EKG machines come from? It is common to assume that a refurbished machine is one that has had a problem. This is not … Read More

ECG and EKG: The Difference May Surprise You

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Acronyms are so common in the medical field that entire semesters in medically-related professional training are devoted to terminology. From AAS to ZEEP, few acronyms cause more confusion than ECG and EKG. Yet their difference may surprise you. What is the difference between an ECG and EKG? Absolutely nothing. That’s right. ECG and EKG actually stand for the same word … Read More