ECG Simulator: Practice Makes Perfect

ecg simulator practice

One of the reasons why the medical profession is both challenging and exciting is that standards, practices, equipment, and possibilities keep changing. For those working with patients who experience cardiac arrest or another arrhythmia, training becomes vital to maintaining the skills necessary to save lives. Enter the EKG or ECG simulator. What is the difference between an EKG or ECG? … Read More

Is It Safe to Purchase a Refurbished ECG/EKG Machine?

safe refurbished ecg ekg machine

From computers to cell phones, refurbished electronics are available everywhere. Yet few people think to purchase a refurbished ECG/EKG machine. At significant cost savings, the most important question people ask is, “Is it safe?” Where do refurbished ECG/EKG machines come from? It is common to assume that a refurbished machine is one that has had a problem. This is not … Read More

ECG and EKG: The Difference May Surprise You

ecg ekg difference

Acronyms are so common in the medical field that entire semesters in medically-related professional training are devoted to terminology. From AAS to ZEEP, few acronyms cause more confusion than ECG and EKG. Yet their difference may surprise you. What is the difference between an ECG and EKG? Absolutely nothing. That’s right. ECG and EKG actually stand for the same word … Read More