Defibrillator Price: How Much Does a Defibrillator Cost?

how much does a defibrillator cost

It is no secret that purchasing medical equipment comes with a hefty price tag. Proprietary software, portability, software compatibility and user-friendly interfaces are not cheap. But before we get down to dollars and cents, it is important to think about your purchasing options. New vs. Refurbished Defibrillator Saying the word “refurbished” when referring to medical equipment and you are likely … Read More

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: Restoring a Normal Heart Rate

restoring normal heart rate

At an average of 80 beats per minute, your heart will beat more than 100,000 times per day, every day from the day you are born until the day you die. Since heart rate is not something we consciously control with our actions, we often take for granted that our heart will continue to beat slowly and steadily throughout the … Read More

What You Need to Know About Using a Defibrillator

how to use a defibrillator

When it comes to saving a life, few things can substitute for a defibrillator. These lifesaving machines are used to administer electrical shocks to a person’s heart who is experiencing ventricular fibrillation. Yet it seems like they are popping up in airports, schools, gyms, and government offices all over the country. Which means it is important to know… How to … Read More

I Got the Power! Your AED and Defibrillator Battery Guide

aed and defibrillator battery guide

The first defibrillators used in hospitals were large, bulky machines that could not be easily transported from room to room. Today, AEDs are small enough to fit in a large first aid kit, and defibrillators can be easily carried with EMT equipment or from one hospital room to another. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these devices must be regularly serviced to … Read More

A Small Portable Defibrillator vs The Smallest Portable AED

portable defibrillator portable aed

We love giant things. The world’s largest ice cream sundae gives us a vicarious sugar rush. The world’s largest ball of twine (in Cawker, Kansas) garners thousands of visitors every year. You can even order a 72-ounce steak at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. But there are some cases when bigger is not necessarily better. When it … Read More

Treating Cardiac Arrest: Defibrillator vs. Pacemaker

Each year, more than 350,000 Americans experience a sudden, out-of-hospital loss of electrical function in the heart, called cardiac arrest. Where heart attack is caused by a blockage in the heart that, in turn, causes death of cardiac muscle, cardiac arrest happens when the heart’s electrical system ceases to work the way it should. But before you can understand the … Read More

Can You Use a Defibrillator on Someone With a Pacemaker?

defibrillator and pacemaker

It is no secret that the quick action of bystanders can save the life of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. The combination of CPR and a shock from an AED can effectively raise the survival rate of such an incident from 10 percent to 40 percent. But what if a person is fitted with a pacemaker? Can a defibrillator … Read More

Why Do They Say “Clear” Before Using a Defibrillator?

clear defibrillator

Anyone who has watched a medical drama has seen desperate but handsome doctors tending to a person in cardiac arrest yell, “Clear,” before administering a jolt of electricity to the patient’s lifeless body. Although using an AED in real life is more dramatic, but less staged, there are three reasons why doctors and rescuers yell, “Clear” before using a defibrillator. … Read More

Defibrillator FAQs: A Comprehensive Guide

defibrillator faqs

Every medical drama on television seems to have a scene where a handsome but frantic doctor calls out, “Charge to 300! Clear,” before forcing a jolt of electricity into a seemingly lifeless body. In reality, this scene plays out in hospitals across the country as real-life physicians use a device called a defibrillator to save the life of a person … Read More

What is the Difference Between an AED and a Defibrillator?

aed defibrillator difference

In the event of a cardiac emergency, no one wonders about the difference between an AED and a defibrillator. Both devices are used with a person is experiencing a serious heart problem called ventricular fibrillation, or when the heart stops beating, and the lower chambers begin to quiver. Both an AED and a defibrillator administer a targeted electrical shock to … Read More