Turning Up the Heat on Your Autoclave

autoclave temperature

Imagine a world before sterilization. Picture your dentist using the same instruments in your mouth that he used in a hundred others. Or a doctor who performed surgery with instruments that had, perhaps, been boiled or dipped in alcohol. It’s no wonder so many people died of infection and disease in the early days of our country. Fortunately, those days … Read More

Can’t Miss Autoclave Sterilization Steps and Tips

autoclave sterilization steps

The autoclave sterilization process revolutionized the medical industry when it was introduced by Charles Chamberland in 1884. Suddenly, infection dramatically decreased, cross-contamination was a thing of the past, and simple procedures were no longer precursors to long, infection-ridden recoveries. While today’s autoclaves are marvels of modern technology, these can’t-miss autoclave sterilization steps are among the most important for getting the … Read More

What Exactly IS an Autoclave Sterilizer?

what is an autoclave sterilizer

Medical equipment companies bat about the term “autoclave sterilizer” with the expectation that everyone knows what they are talking about. In reality, this vital piece of infection control equipment remains a mystery to many medical professionals and laypeople across the country. Humble Beginnings The origin of the autoclave sterilizer dates back to 1679 when French physicist Denis Papin invented a … Read More

3 Reasons to Purchase a Refurbished Autoclave Sterilizer

refurbished autoclave sterilizer

Autoclave Sterilizers have been the cornerstone of the laboratory since the turn of the 20th century. Using high-pressure steam, autoclaves effectively sterilize their contents in as few as 15 minutes. Traditionally, autoclaves have been used to sterilize surgical instruments to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, spores, or viruses. More recently, they have begun to appear in laboratories. These devices … Read More