3 Reasons to Purchase a Refurbished Autoclave Sterilizer

refurbished autoclave sterilizer

Autoclave Sterilizers have been the cornerstone of the laboratory since the turn of the 20th century. Using high-pressure steam, autoclaves effectively sterilize their contents in as few as 15 minutes. Traditionally, autoclaves have been used to sterilize surgical instruments to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, spores, or viruses. More recently, they have begun to appear in laboratories. These devices sterilize the tools used for research and hospitals and sterilize infectious waste before the waste is disposed of. While their usefulness cannot be denied, whether to purchase a new or refurbished autoclave sterilizer remains in question. Consider these three reasons to forgo a new autoclave and opt for the refurbished model.

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1. Cost

While the autoclave is useful across many hospital, clinic, private practice, laboratory, and classroom applications, the ability of smaller facilities to purchase the models they need often comes down to cost. A refurbished autoclave sterilizer can cost up to half of a new model. With such a significant savings, it is easy to see why the draw toward refurbished models is so high. For some smaller operations, the ability to purchase a refurbished autoclave sterilizer may be the difference between having this vital piece of equipment in their facility and not having it at all. Still, many people question the durability of a model that has been used before.

2. A refurbished autoclave sterilizer has been through extensive testing

Contrary to popular belief, a refurbished autoclave sterilizer is not necessarily one that has been broken in the past. In fact, many large facilities periodically purchase all new equipment while the old equipment is still in perfect order. This equipment is then traded to the medical equipment company for discounts on new models. The original model then has important parts replaced, is thoroughly cleaned and rigorously tested, and resold with a “refurbished” label at significant savings.

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3. Reliability

At Foremost Medical Equipment, all of our refurbished medical equipment is sold with a one-year parts and labor warranty. While this guarantee allows customers to purchase refurbished equipment they know they can rely on, there is an added level of reliability when purchasing a refurbished autoclave sterilizer. Often, when a new model comes on the market with the latest features, those features take one or two generations of the product to work properly. When the first smartphone came out, it was incompatible with every type of headphone. Those “kinks” have been worked out with every incarnation of the product. In the case of medical equipment, malfunctioning features cause an FDA recall long before these models can be sold as “refurbished” models. When purchasing a refurbished autoclave sterilizer, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a reliable piece of equipment.

Purchasing a refurbished autoclave sterilizer may not be for everybody, but the presence of these products in the market ensures that everybody can purchase the equipment they need. For more information or to speak with a customer service representative about your medical equipment needs, contact Foremost Medical Equipment.